Did the celts have writing a letter

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Where did the Celts come from?

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Did Celts Create the IBERO-GUANCHE Writing of the Canary Islands?

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Bells - Supernatural Enchantment and a Biblical Perspective

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The updated Cosmos. This is true, but the Celts did have a system of written language, called Ogham. The earliest inscriptions we have in this language date to somewhere in the 4 th.

The Celts did not see their gods as having human shapes until late in the Iron Age. Celtic shrines were situated in remote areas such as hilltops, groves, and lakes. Celtic religious patterns were regionally variable; however, some patterns of deity forms, and ways of worshipping these deities, appeared over a wide geographical and temporal range.

The Celts were primarily of an oral tradition, however they did have a from of writing call Ogam or Ogham. Ogham The Celtic ogham script was used in Ireland from the fourth century AD to. This is a copy of an original colour photograph that was taken in in Gortnamucklagh, Dunmanway, West Cork, by visiting American cousin Father John Smith, grandson of Michael Joseph Hennigan who had emigrated to the US in the Frankly, the Celts would not have been concerned with recording anything in writing because they were a people who put strong value in war, metal engravings, and oral tradition.

Did the celts have writing a letter
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