Why does charlie write anonymous letters

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How to Write an Alcoholic Amends Letter

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In The Perks of being a Wallflower, who was Charlie writing to?

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What is the purpose of the letters that Miss Strangeworth sends in

Anonymous letters can be an effective instrument for creating potentially crippling fear. The anonymous letter writer very likely knows and intends that.

Anonymous letter writers fear confrontation, failure, loss of "face," and being "targeted" by others. If you rewatch the pilot, you'll notice that the first word Charlie writes on his knuckles is, indeed, FATE.

This is significant for obvious reasons. This is significant for obvious reasons. He then later changes the first letter, so that his knuckles now read LATE.

Charlie addresses his letters to an anonymous “friend” to give himself an outlet to open up and talk about his life.

The “friend” is the perfect listener, since this person is someone Charlie trusts enough to receive all his secrets without a filter, yet this person does not judge Charlie or try to intervene in his life. Charlie receives a letter made up of symbols and drawings from his mother, resembling some of the "writing" he's done in episodes like The Nightman Cometh, which suggests that she knows how to "write" in a way he can understand (though he still manages to misunderstand the note he's sent).

When he watches the sitcom that Dennis has assembled. Charlie does agree with him, thinking it would be a great way to save up money for college. Plus, "it was a great way to sit alone at a party and be a part of things" ().

Hey, whatever it takes.

Why does charlie write anonymous letters
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In The Perks of being a Wallflower, who was Charlie writing to? | Yahoo Answers