Writing an appeal letter for financial aid reinstatement

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Satisfactory Academic Progress for Financial Aid

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How to write a financial aid appeal letter

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Golden Gate University School of Law administers a full range of programs to help students fund their education. Funding can be met with a combination of scholarships, federal work study, federal loans (Perkins, Stafford, PLUS), and private loans.

The school's financial aid office is a good place to determine the criteria established by the school that appeals are considered for, the U.S.

Financial Aid & Cashier

Department of Education notes. When possible, the letter should be addressed to the specific financial aid officer who is in charge of. RE: Financial Aid Reinstatement Appeal Dear Ms. Richards, I am writing this letter to appeal for my financial aid to be reinstated.

I realize that I have a grade point average of and that the required GPA for maintaining financial aid is ; however I do have extenuating circumstances. I have to appeal a financial aid suspension. I already spoke to my financial aid office and explained my situation and they said to put it in a letter and I might have a good chance in getting the suspension.

When writing your awards letter request for reinstatement, NEVER, and I mean NEVER put the blame on someone else as to why you failed to meet the criterion. This is different than writing a letter of financial aid appeal because you need more money.

In accordance with regulations that govern federal and state financial aid programs, the University of California, Merced is required to establish, publish, and consistently apply reasonable standards for measuring a student's academic progress.

Writing an appeal letter for financial aid reinstatement
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Sample Financial Aid Reinstatement Appeal Letter